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Upholstery Cleaning

At Budget Carpet Clean, we specialize in restoring the beauty, vitality and original freshness of all your upholstered furniture.

We use state-of-the-art cleaning materials that can safely and effectively wash even your most delicate upholstery including Haitian Cotton, Wool, Velvet and many other fabrics, including white and off-white fabrics that some conventional cleaners refuse to touch.

Our technicians are fully trained and qualified and will remove those niggling spots and stains, without fading your furniture's original colors or damaging fragile stitches.

Carpet and Fabric Protection

Fabric protector is an excellent choice for families with children or pets and is often part of a warranty requirement. It makes regular cleaning easier and helps to prevent stains. Fabric protection does wear off slowly with vacuuming and normal foot traffic and does need to be re-applied periodically. Long Lasting Carpet Protection is an investment for carpets as it provides protection that keeps them looking cleaner for a longer period of time, even after heavy traffic. With regular vacuuming, protection can remain effective for up to three years, or up to 3 steam cleans.

Soil and stain protection is commonly referred to as "scotch guard". That's the most commonly available brand, designed for use with carpets, furniture and fabric for soil and stain protection. There are many different levels of quality even within the scotch guard brand name. One scotch guard isn't necessarily the same as another scotch guard.


Every house is different, and so is the price. Therefore our prices are based on quotes for each individual job.


Mark O'Donoghue

Mark O'Donoghue Marino, Dublin 3

A belated thank you note for the cleaning of our lounge suite by Budget Carpet Care. It is a joy to have such service these days. Of course we will be calling on you again, the couch has never looked cleaner.

Sara Hussey

Sara Hussey Swords, Co. Dublin

Thank you for servicing our carpets recently, we are extremely impressed with the clean and the overall service from beginning to end. you really do deliver a Quality service at affordable prices.

Thomas Walshe

Thomas Walshe City Centre, Dublin 1

Thank you for being so thorough and professional Budget Carpet Care. Our carpets always look great after you have been. Glad we had our Sofa cleaned this time round too, they look like new, great job once again from Budget Carpet Care.

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